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Approximately what is the air colony of a sterile surgical bed
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The cleaning of the sterile operating room should be as follows: clean and clean after the operation every day, with 40 minutes of ultraviolet radiation

Air culture time, in each operating room 18 times air culture, the average colony is 36.

Under the same conditions above, only one additional clean water dusting and mop wet ground before air culture, reduce the dust in the air, and then do it

In air culture, the number of colonies decreased significantly, and the average number of colonies was 74 in 28 air cultures. Of the 1,200 cases of surgical bed surgery, grade 1

Surgery and no infection, the vast majority of secondary surgery can achieve Ⅰ healing. Thus, dust in the air during surgery is good for spreading bacteria

Good medium. In addition, the control of non-surgical personnel must be strengthened in the management of the operation room, so as to avoid excessive personnel, dust, talking and coughing

Bacteria can be attached to the flying dust and foam, and then fall into the surgical area or wound, sterile equipment and cloth sheet. It is generally believed

The 26m2 operating room should be limited to 10 people. Postoperative infection rate can also be indicated by the following formula, indicating the number of postoperative infection, interoperative number and operation time

The relationship between number and air cleanliness. Postoperative infection rate =(number of people between operations x hours of operation) per hour of air exchange * refers to air conditioning exchange

The number of times after fresh disinfection. We can understand it as how clean the air is. If the denominator remains the same, the number of people and the number of operative hours increase

, the infection rate increases. Isolation, disinfection and sterilization, in the aseptic management of the three cannot be biased

Isolation can prevent the spread and cross - infection of pathogenic bacteria. Sterilization, also known as asepsis, is an effective disinfectant or physical method to eliminate bacteria

Or inhibit the growth of bacteria, sterilization is the use of chemical or physical methods to eliminate the use of surgical products and sterile operating areas of all the attached details