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Benefits of fully automatic operation of electric surgical beds
- Jul 13, 2018 -

In the process of using the electric surgical bed, attention should be paid to the placement of all the accessories

Ok, in addition to the regular inspection, in order to avoid the loss of surgical bed accessories due to poor management.

This will affect the smooth operation. Second, the specific use of the surgical bed and its accessories should be well known and can be based on different operations

Choose a different installation method for your requirements. Third, in the process of use, attention should be paid to the operation of the bed maintenance, ensure its normal function

Rechargeable before each operation to facilitate the normal use of the operative bed. In addition, the cleaning and disinfection of electric surgical beds are also important

. When cleaning and disinfection, attention should be paid to the use of professional surgical bed cleaner, to avoid the use of surgical bed strictly prohibited detergent, because some clean

The cleaning agent will lead to corrosion of the metal surface of the surgical bed. Meanwhile, anti-rust measures should be taken when cleaning the bed

Wash the base of the operating bed to prevent the failure of the line. Today's electric surgical beds are an alternative machine tool, but compared to machine tools, electricity

The function of operating beds seems to be more characteristic. The machine tool processing object is metal, and the electric surgical bed processing object is human, so the electric surgical bed

High security is required. The electric surgical bed features more machine tools, a variety of medical AIDS fitted to the electric surgical bed, and electricity

Operating beds are fully automated, and the features of automation make them more usable than conventional machine tools. Although the electric surgical bed

It is designed and modified according to the machine tool, but the electric surgical bed adds more quality and control on the basis of the machine tool. electric

Due to the requirement of medical environment, the hygienic property of electric surgical bed is higher than that of ordinary machine tool.

The cleanliness of the mechanical surface requires more precise materials. The electric surgical bed is not only made of fine materials, but also has excellent control. It is also electric

Surgical beds are essential, after all, because doctors don't have much time to operate an electric surgical bed when it works.