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Can the operating table of the surgical bed be disassembled
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Compared with traditional production beds, electric operation beds have high automation, low noise, reliability and usability, and key components are imported parts. In do not make

When used, the traction frame can be removed and does not occupy the operating room space. The traction frame and accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel and corrosion resistant.

Surgical beds are easy to clean and disinfect. The operating table pad can be removed to facilitate decontamination. The ray film layer (film layer) can also be configured as required by the user

Can be placed under the operating table in a paper box necessary) main performance using electric hydraulic control, through the micro-touch switch controller set flexible control multiple keys

Various activities listed. · the hydraulic oil pump and solenoid valve all adopt imported hydraulic components to make the whole machine achieve low noise

Sound, safety and high reliability. The electric surgical bed is especially suitable for general surgical design, with the outside of the foot plate immobilizing the traction frame and buttocks

Panel, plastic surgeon will be able to give patients and traction orthopaedic surgery. Electric surgical bed pad and Taiwan with frame structure are fixed to the use of the table

The pad does not move, while the Taiwan watch pad can be contrast-enhanced, the installation box is easy to disassemble, cleaned and disinfected. Electric surgical bed excuse plate, back, hip and leg plate Plates. When the operating bed is controlled by remote control, the operating bed can work, indicating that the remote control and the operating bed are good. Slow, slow, or sometimes not at work

The legal work is generally caused by insufficient hydraulic oil in the tank. Open the cover on the back base of the operating bed and remove the cover on the base of the operating bed

A lot of oil was found at the bottom of the base and on the ground. There is not much oil left in the tank. And there's a lot of oil in the bottom of the seat. Check the hydraulic oil for each function

When the pipe was in operation, it was found that there were 1 or 2 hydraulic tubing between the middle and the bottom with a lot of oil traces and damaged skin.

Operate the upper and lower functions of the operating bed. When the operating bed is reduced to a certain extent, it is found that when the tubing is lowered, it touches the inside of the base, causing damage. replace

New hydraulic tubing after. Cut another section of plastic hose or PVC pipe and cut the opening slot with a knife, sticking the edge of the base cover. Use AB glue to fix it