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How should the indoor area of the surgical bed be divided
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The maternity ward should be strictly divided into restricted area (sterile operation room), semi-restricted area (polluted operation room) and non-restricted area. Three separate devices

There are two plans: one is to separate the restricted area from the semi-restricted area in two parts of different floors. This design can completely isolate the hygiene.

However, two sets of facilities are needed to increase staff and make management inconvenient. The second is to set a restricted area and an unrestricted area at different sections of the same floor, with the middle half

Limited area transition, equipment sharing, this kind of surgical bed design management is more convenient. The restricted areas include sterile operating rooms, toilets, sterile rooms and medicine storage rooms

And so on. The semi-restricted areas include emergency surgery or contamination surgery rooms, equipment dressing preparation rooms, anesthesia preparation rooms and disinfection rooms. Non-restricted areas have dressing rooms

, plaster room, specimen room, sewage treatment room, anaesthetic resuscitation room and nurse's office, medical staff lounge, dining room, rest room for the patient's family

Room, etc. The duty room and nurse's office should be located near the entrance. The design requirements of each part of the operating room are as follows: the walls and ceilings are separable

Sound, solid, smooth, no space, fire, moisture - proof, easy to clean materials. The color is light blue and green. The corners of the wall are round to prevent accumulation

The ash. Film - viewing lamp and medicine cabinet, operating desk should be set in the wall. The door should be wide, without threshold, easy to ride out and in, should avoid the use of easy swing of the bomb

Spring doors to prevent air from blowing dust and bacteria. The window should be double layer, best to use aluminium alloy window frame, advantageous dustproof and heat preservation. The window glass is suitable for tea.

The corridor width shall not be less than 2.5m for smooth running and avoiding collision between passengers and passengers.

The ground shall be made of hard, smooth and washable materials. The ground is slightly tilted to a corner, and a floor drain is arranged at a low point to facilitate the discharge of sewage

Cover to prevent polluted air from entering the room or being blocked by foreign matter.