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How to lock electric surgical beds in different positions
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The hydraulic drive operating bed USES the cylinder as the executive element to perform various actions on the console. Its main working process is: when opening the cylinder valve

, the upper and lower Chambers of the cylinder are connected, and the piston can be adjusted to the desired position.

After closing the cylinder valve, the upper and lower Chambers of the cylinder are separated, which is because the piston position can be kept unchanged by the action of gas pressure in the cylinder. Due to the electric

The operating bed is equipped with an electric hydraulic drive mechanism. Under the control of wired remote control or infrared remote control, it is equipped with the foot control panel to facilitate the operation

After adjustment, figure 2 can also be used to lock or loosen the electric surgical bed in different body positions. All bearings are sealed and waterproof, easy to clean, during operation

The water, blood, and sutures will never be wrapped around the bearings. Clinicalrequirements can be obtained by simply pressing the handle of the head with the head and feet tilted to the left and right

Position. Both the leg plate and back plate joints are provided with gas spring cylinder supporting structure, which makes all kinds of adjustment soft, quiet and non-vibration, and effectively protects the joints Structure to prevent patients from dumping. According to the individual characteristics of Chinese people, the standard of China's medical equipment industry stipulates that the length of the surgical bed is 2m and the width is 0. All 48 m,

Mesa of front and back Angle of not less than 25 °, left and right Angle of not less than 20 °, first floor Angle not less than 30 °, the Angle is less than 45 °, surgery

Angle on the surface of bed backboard not less than 80 °, the back and seat on the board face Angle Angle is not greater than 90 °, the Angle is not greater than 160 °, his spine Angle under the surface

Not less than 90 °, waist elevated bridge is not less than 0. 12 m. At the same time, the industry standards also require: operating table products to use as far as possible double legs plate structure

Leg panel can turn to the two lateral, in the same plane after rotation Angle between two leg panel inside is not less than 180 ° mesa, all adjustments are adopted

Level varying. The medical bed consists of a rigid bed frame and a bed panel. The bed panel consists of three parts: the back panel, the seat panel and the foot panel

It is connected by the backboard, seat board and foot bending plate.

The hinge of the back plate and the seat plate is fixed on the bedstead. A rigid bracket is installed under the back plate, and the bracket joint is connected with the lifting mechanism of the bracket.

A straight bar bracket is installed under the seat plate. One end of the straight bar bracket is connected to the vertical bar lifting mechanism.