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Precautions for pregnant women
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Second to avoid viral infection In the first two to three months of pregnancy, the fetus is very sensitive to the virus, because some viruses such as herpes simplex virus, measles virus, hepatitis B virus, rubella virus, etc. can cause fetal malformations.

Three bogey toxic chemicals Excessive exposure to detergents, easy to cause miscarriage, should also attract attention. Radiation, isotope, chemical industrial poisons such as benzene, chloroprene, nitrosamines, lead and highly toxic pesticides have teratogenic effects

Four bogey smoking Tobacco contains more than 400 harmful compounds, of which nicotine is the culprit.

Five bogey after pregnancy, alcohol enters the fetus through the placenta, so that the baby after birth can be short and mentally retarded. Alcoholism before conception can cause abnormalities in the developing sperm and eggs.

Six bogey tea coffee Concentrated tea, coffee has an exciting effect, can stimulate the fetus to increase the number of fetal movements, and even harm the growth and development of the fetus.

Seven bogey improper diet Hawthorn easily stimulates the contraction of the uterus and causes miscarriage. The fritters add alum to the production. Alum is an organic substance of lead. Lead increases the incidence of dementia, so eat less fritters.

Eight bogey total nutritional imbalance Nutritional imbalance, long-term vegetarian diet or consumption of a single food, will cause different levels of nutritional deficiencies, of course, will affect fetal growth and development.

Jiuyi's emotional malady From a psychological point of view, the entire environment in which pregnant women are located is related to the fetus. The fetal environment should include conditions such as the psychological state of the pregnant woman, the family living environment, and physical and mental health.

Ten bogey without prenatal examination Prenatal examination can detect and prevent diseases early and protect the health of pregnant women. After pregnancy, in order to adapt to fetal growth and development, a variety of changes occur in various organs of the mother. These changes can be physiological or pathological. Prenatal examination can detect abnormalities early, terminate pregnancy at the right time, and also know whether the growth and development of the fetus is normal, and give pregnant women guidance on life, health and health care. Early pregnancy check can prevent genetic diseases, especially in older women, and should be checked early. It should be checked once a month from 3 months of pregnancy.