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The evolution of the maternity bed has undergone several generations of changes
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The birth bed has a history of evolution, from ancient to modern, before liberation, it can be said that maternal childbirth was completed at home, not to mention the concept of the birth bed, all

Artificial childbirth, of course, is more painful for women than scientific childbirth.

With the development of medical science, after liberation, the medical level of our country gradually improved, and maternal childbirth began to be carried out in hospitals gradually, but by the early 1980s

Hospitals are gradually banning family births. Gynaecologic obstetric beds also emerged with the progress of The Times. Think back to the spring of 2000 in fuzhou

The 43rd China international medical equipment spring fair, to today's shenzhen conference, the maternity bed has gone from the original simple use model to the current functional model and luxury

China XiangShouXing transformation, that is, from a wooden obstetric table -- - iron plastic portable obstetric table, stainless steel manual middle hydraulic obstetric table -- -- -- -- -- -- electric bed operation

------ fully functional luxury electric production bed transformation. When giving birth, the doctor can use hand or foot double control electric button, can be up and down left flexible adjustment

Bed position, height, and good postpartum recovery can play a number of functions. The production bed can be disassembled and assembled at any time as required. For normal postpartum delivery

The operation is convenient and flexible. The puerpera only needs to touch the button by hand. The backrest height of the maternity bed can be adjusted from -10 degrees to 82 degrees

Buy, the bending of knee, the appropriate body position that the body puts, can move freely according to the demand of the puerpera oneself, the design of maternity bed is like a piece of sand of activity

Hair, can adjust at any time according to the needs of the maternal body, can make the maternal body relax, reduce the pain and discomfort during childbirth.

It saves a lot of effort when giving birth. Need to adopt sitting childbirth of the mother, adjust the height of the upper and lower bed at any time, posture changes

The head of the fetus can be placed in a favorable position to enter the pelvis, which is conducive to the natural birth of the fetus and reduces the possibility of fetal respiratory distress and neonatal asphyxia

Sex to ease the pain of childbirth.