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What is the reason why the operation bed will drop down automatically when it is used
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The operating bed is also a machine, and the machine will fail. There is no forward tilt of the electric table. If it's just leaning forward and nothing else

Both, that means that the compression pump is working normally, only the corresponding contact switch fault or the corresponding solenoid valve fault.

There are two ways to judge the quality of solenoid valve. One is to measure the resistance with three meters, and the other is to put metal on it to see if it has suction. when

However, if the solenoid valve suction action is normal. Oil road congestion can also cause the above problems. If it's not just not tilting forward, other movements are also involved

No, that is, the compressor is out of order. First of all, check the voltage on the compressor. If all of the above

Normally the commutator capacitance fails. The electric operating table moves in one direction, but not in the other. Unilateral no-action fault is generally

Electromagnetic directional valve caused. The fault of electromagnetic directional valve may be caused by the failure of control circuit, or it may be caused by the mechanical sticking of directional valve. Specific inspection method

It is to measure the directional valve first there is no voltage. Open the reversing valve if there is a voltage in the operating bed. As a result of long-term use, the replacement valve has tens of thousands of movable shafts

A small impurity can cause shaft hair to become stuck, resulting in operating table only one direction has action. When you use the operating table, it drops down automatically.

But it's very slow. This kind of situation occurs in the mechanical operating table more often, mainly is the lift pump fault. Operating table can be used years later

Very small impurities can be trapped in the inlet valve port, causing small internal leakage. The solution is to take the pump apart and clean it with gasoline

Do not check the inlet valve. Reapply clean oil after washing.

The remote-controlled automatic zoom mechanism of the operating lamp includes: a grip assembly, a chassis, a zoom -- mechanism, a driven gear, and an elevator sleeve

Tube, a drive assembly, a circuit board assembly and a lamp holder assembly, the chassis is fixed at the top of the grip assembly.