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What is the test standard for the brightness of surgical bed view lamp
- Jul 13, 2018 -

There are many kinds of lights in the hospital, so what is a lamplight? The brightness of the lamplight is regulated in the medical industry standard, such as adjustable brightness

Where, the lowest luminance is no more than 300cd/m squared, and the maximum luminance is no less than 4000cd/m squared.

The luminance uniformity should be greater than 0.7. So, how to test the brightness of surgical bed view lamp to meet the standard? The following method is available

Application use. Measure the central and peripheral brightness of the medical view lamp screen and calculate its uniformity (maximum brightness - minimum brightness)/ maximum brightness. its

The measuring point of center brightness is located on the midline of screen height, and the measuring point of peripheral brightness is located on the frame line of 6cm from the edge of screen. Single copy of

The lamp detects 4 peripheral points at 1 center point, 4 peripheral points at 2 centers and 6 peripheral points at 3 centers

, and the four-link observation light detects 8 peripheral points at 4 central points. When measuring, the luminance meter probe is attached to the screen of the viewing lamp, and the average value is taken 3 times at each point.

Because of the different structure and manufacture technology, there is a significant difference between the central brightness and the peripheral brightness. The brightness around the viewing lamp is universal

Lower than the central brightness results in poor display of image information at the edge of the screen, which may lead to missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. The use of substandard lamplight will be to the doctor

The diagnosis, teaching and scientific research of academic images have great negative effects, so the quality problems should be paid more attention to. According to the medicine

Industry standards and requirements, independent research and development of equidistant point-array direct LED light source, light uniformity greater than 0.9; The light source has little loss and minimum brightness

At 300cd/m squared, the maximum brightness is greater than 4000cd/m squared. Color temperature > 8000 k.

It is more suitable for reading medical film. Equidistant point-array direct LED light source layout, uniform brightness, no shadow between each link. Can have a

Avoid the errors caused by the large brightness difference.