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Which part of the surgical bed should be pulled
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Ten thousand one can operate a bed to use all-purpose operation bed to add a few bamboo sticks and plank but become. It has all the functions of a universal surgical bed, but also can

Instead of gypsum bed (for femoral and iliac fractures, femoral tuberculosis, hip tuberculosis).

According to the experience of more than two years' use in our hospital, this bed is simple to make and conforms to the principle of how fast and easy to save

1. One universal surgical bed. 2. Take a length of about 2 square meters and a back plate as wide as the operating bed.

The board shall be flat with two horizontal bars fixed to the bottom of the board. Take about five city feet long, slightly longer than a silver circle. In orthopedic surgery, lower limb surgery accounts for a large proportion

For example, disinfection, towel laying and traction reduction of this kind of operation require more time and manpower, which brings a lot of inconvenience.

It is difficult to buy specialized surgical beds. In order to shorten the operation time, reduce the infection rate of incision and reduce the operation intensity, our hospital has successfully developed a universal surgical bed

Multi-purpose composite frame, used in clinical practice, proved reliable effect and convenient use, and its structure is shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2. When used, the affected limb is fixed in the foot rest

On, adjust the support frame to the appropriate height, disinfect, lay the towel and then descend, bind the feet and legs. If traction is needed, reverse traction should be installed in the perineum of the surgical bed. In order to strengthen military preparedness, maintain vigilance and be ready to annihilate all the enemies who dare to invade, our court has given full play to the enthusiasm of the masses in the reform of war materials.

With the assistance of the repair office, a simple and simple operating bed can be made into a box that can be folded up and opened, and can contain operating room supplies. When packed (figure 1), case

The cabinet is 73 cm long, 63 cm high and 50 cm wide. It retracts folding legs. The bottom of the cabinet is 4 cm high from the ground.