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Why are surgical beds the basic medical equipment of a hospital
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The "five-normal law" was adopted to manage the use of surgical beds and accessories in a scientific and standardized way, and the system of full participation and personal responsibility was implemented to enhance transparency and visibility

Sleep management, the operation bed and accessories clearly identified, positioning, quantitative placed on the accessories rack.

Regular maintenance and cleaning. [results] the operation bed is well managed, safe and normal, no accident occurs, and the operation room is improved

Nurse satisfaction. [conclusion] the scientific management of "five-normal method" of operating bed can prolong the service life of operating room and improve the working quality of operating room

Efficiency. The malfunctioning surgical bed is reconstructed and renovated for reuse. Methods: the operative bed control circuit was designed to replace the original part

Improve brake system and replace the leather surface of head plate, back plate, seat plate and leg plate. Results: the improved surgical bed can realize the original one

All functions have improved stability, and the operation bed has been renewed through renovation, which not only saves a lot of maintenance costs, but also achieves satisfactory clinical use

The effect. Conclusion: this method provides a new idea for the reuse of the old surgical bed and has certain economic and social benefits. Design can be full at the same time

Dual - purpose equipment for daily meetings and emergency operations. Methods: the dual structure of conference table and surgical bed was mainly composed of panel mechanism and supporting surgical bed

The mechanism, panel exhibition and collection mechanism, surgical position adjustment mechanism, surgical instrument tray bracket mechanism and other parts are composed, and the design of each part is modeled by 3d modeling

To implement. Results: this paper designed a fully mechanized conference table - operating bed dual - purpose device

Switch to a surgical bed, where the operative positions that can be achieved include lying on your back, lowering your head, and lowering your legs. The surgical bed is the foundation of the hospital

Medical equipment is an indispensable medical equipment for hospitals to carry out operations. The operating bed should cooperate with different operation items and provide different heights in operation

Degrees and postures change, in carrying out the postures change, there are 4 kinds of dynamic forms, now the brief analysis is as follows.

Manual hydraulic mode: manual hydraulic mode, which is the earliest power mode of operating bed, adopts the principle of jack, through pedal one-way liquid

Hydraulic oil is injected into the cylinder and the expansion cylinder is driven upward by hydraulic power.