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Why is the operation bed foot - to - foot hydraulic drive most commonly used
- Jul 13, 2018 -

There are many ways to operate a surgical bed. The operation of the surgical bed includes lifting the bed surface and tilting the left and right sides. The early operation of the surgical bed was simple

Driven type, purely relying on the manual operation of medical personnel, complicated operation, lack of convenience and flexibility.

At present, the widely used operation bed foot hydraulic drive mode. With the development of electronic technology, the position of motor driven oil pump is changed

The operating table and the operating bed with the full mechanical drive of the motor are also gradually being driven by the direct current motor drive pump with no electromagnetic interference

Computer aided far - infrared remote control without control line hindrance to replace the old. In a word. The operation of surgical beds is becoming more and more automatic and intelligent.

To reduce the burden of operators, facilitate remote control, and meet the needs of surgery and other aspects. Multifunction is an important part of the development of surgical bed

To the. The electric universal surgical bed is equipped with standard thoracic bridge and separated leg plate with translational function and can be used for whole-body radiography and catheterization. Every plate can

Perform a wide Angle motion to achieve the desired position for various operations, and have a large number of optional accessories. It can meet the needs of various specialized surgical positions. one

Generally, it is equipped with a large capacity battery, which can meet the power required by the operation at week l after full charge. There are two ways to estimate the number of rooms used: one is based on the surgery department

The number of beds shall be determined according to the ratio of 20 to 25:1, and then the number of rooms used for surgery shall be determined according to the number of rooms used for surgery

A few other rooms. The second is to determine the number of interoperative operations according to the number of operations. The operating bed should be set up in which rooms a complete operating bed bag

Includes the following parts:

Health through the use of rooms: including changing shoes, changing room, shower room, shower room; Operating room: including general operation room, sterile operation room

, laminar flow purification surgery, etc. Auxiliary operating room: including toilet, anaesthesia room, resuscitation room, debridement room, plaster room, etc.