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Development Prospects Of Electric Surgical Beds
- Jul 13, 2018 -

1. Great changes in operation mode

The operation of the surgical bed includes the lifting of the bed surface, the left and right leaning forward and backward. The early operation of the surgical bed was a simple mandibular drive, which was purely medical

Staff shake hands, complex operation, lack of convenience and flexibility. At present, pedal hydraulic drive is widely used. With electronic technology

The development of the operating table for motor driven oil pump control position change and the operating bed for motor full mechanical transmission are also gradually being non-electromagnetic interference

The old far infrared remote control is replaced by a dc motor driven oil pump with a position change and a computer-aided remote control with no interference from the control line. In a word, the surgical bed

Operations are increasingly automated and intelligent to reduce the burden of operators, facilitate remote control, and meet the needs of surgery and other aspects.

2. Two development trends of multi-function and specialization

Multifunction is an important direction in the development of surgical bed. The electric universal surgical bed is equipped with standard thoracic bridge and separated leg plate with translational function.

Able to perform full-body photography and catheterization. Each plate can move at a wide Angle to achieve the desired position for various operations, and there are a large number of options

A. It can meet the needs of various specialized surgical positions. It is usually equipped with a large capacity battery, which can be fully charged to meet the needs of l-week surgery. This kind of

The comprehensive operation bed can be used for head, neck, chest and abdomen, perineum, limbs, gynecology, gynecology, ent and orthopedics.