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Entering Taicang E Road, The Social Practice Team Conducts Employment Research In Taicang, Suzhou
- Aug 24, 2018 -

On the morning of August 7, the social practice team of “Into the Taicang E Road” went to Jiangsu Taicang Kanghui Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct a survey. The company is located in Shaxi Industrial Park, Taicang. It is a professional medical equipment high-tech enterprise integrating product research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. The team members visited the exhibition halls of the two major registered sales brands, “Long Time Sunshine”, Accessible Old-fashioned Aids and “Combede” Maternal and Health Care Products.After the symposium, the students first watched the company's promotional film, and initially learned about the social status quo and national policies faced by China's aging, the general development of the company, and the product design concept of “changing the environment without changing the elderly”. The staff of the company's personnel department answered questions about the company's production, the distribution of market product prices, the public welfare activities of the company's employees in the pension, and the innovation mechanism of the company's research and development.

In the afternoon, the practice team came to the Sino-German (Taicang) Urban Innovation Cooperation Park to learn about the joint development of China and Germany and common development to create a beautiful Taicang situation. First of all, the team members watched the "Sino-German Cooperation Model City" promotional film to get a preliminary understanding of Sino-German cooperation. The players learned about the German dual systemeducation system in detail, and the Chinese and German sides have carried out in-depth cooperation in the high-end equipment manufacturing characteristic innovation cluster, the integration of Sino-German enterprises, no ecological innovation, and Sino-German intelligent manufacturing cooperation innovation park. . Every year, the park reports football matches, Oktoberfest and other activities to celebrate with German friends. It also goes to Germany every year to participate in learning exchange activities, deepening the deep friendship between the two peoples. Then, the practice team came to the Taicang Science and Technology Innovation Park to visit and study. First, they visited the park incubation results exhibition hall. The Science and Technology Innovation Park has a total of more than 400 enterprises, and more than 130 companies. There are a total of 8 “Thousands of People” in the Science and Technology Park for Talents, a number of “Double Creation” talents, and a number of “Gusu” talents. Afterwards, the practice team visited the animal husbandry aviation sensor technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd., which is the representative of the outstanding company of the science park, mainly responsible for the research and development and production of the automobile exhaust gas temperature sensor. The company's manager Lei introduced us to the general situation of the company and led the team members to visit the office, quality department, thermal laboratory, environmental testing laboratory, manufacturing department and other departments. Next stop, come to the world famous air conditioner manufacturer and engineering system solution provider TRANE air conditioning company. Under the leadership of the head of the personnel department, the team members learned about the company's development history, advanced core technology and extensive market application, and also popularized some basic knowledge of air-conditioning purchase and air-conditioning structure. It is worth mentioning that among the numerous air-conditioning types, it is fortunate to feel the coolness brought by the same air conditioner in the office. At the last stop of the trip, the practice team came to the German electronics giant - Zhuoneng Electronics Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of various types of aircraft, high-speed rail, medical and other PCB boards. Under the leadership of the administrative staff, the team members were fortunate enough to visit the company's electronic production workshop and the R&D workshop focused on the future smart car.

At this point, the Northwestern Polytechnical University's social practice research team in Taicang E Road has ended all the journeys. The team members took the enthusiasm and disappointment of the high-tech company, with the expectation of future life and the new career planning sentiment, began to enter the next A stage of learning life.