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Maintenance Methods For Common Faults Of Electric Operating Table
- Jul 13, 2018 -

1. If it is only forward tilt, but no other actions, it means that the compression pump works normally, but the corresponding contact switch fails

Or the corresponding solenoid valve failure. There are two ways to judge the quality of solenoid valve. One USES three meters to measure resistance, the other USES metal

Put it on to see if it has suction. Of course, if the solenoid valve suction action is normal. Oil road congestion can also cause the above problems. If not just no

There is forward tilt and no other action, that is, the compression pump is out of order. First of all, check the voltage on the compression pump, using three meter compression pump

Is the resistance normal? If all of the above is normal, generally the commutator capacitance fails.

2. The electric operating table moves in one direction, but not in the other. Single - side no-action fault is generally caused by electromagnetic directional valve. electricity

The fault of magnetic directional valve may be caused by the failure of control circuit, or it may be caused by mechanical sticking of directional valve. The specific inspection method is to first measure the directional valve electricity

Because of the pressure. If there is a voltage, open the reversing valve and clean it. As a result of long - term use, the replacement valve movable shaft tens of thousands of small impurities will pull the shaft wool into a card

Dead, causing the operating table to move in only one direction.

3. During the operation of the operating table, it is found that it will automatically drop down, but the speed is very slow. This kind of situation occurs in the mechanical operating table more often, mainly

It's a lift pump failure. After a few years of operation, very small impurities may occur in the inlet valve port, causing small internal leakage. solution

The solution is to disassemble the pump and clean it with gasoline, especially check the inlet valve. Reapply clean oil after washing.

4. During the operation of the operating table, it is found that it will drop down automatically, with high speed and vibration sound. This fault is caused by the inner wall of the riser pipe

. Long up and down action, if there is a small impurity on the bowl. Sometimes the inner wall of the tubing will be pulled out to scratch, over time, scratch more

The deeper the fault is, the deeper it is. The solution is to replace the riser.