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Replace The Electric Surgical Bed With The Early Hand-operated Treadmill Bed
- Jul 13, 2018 -

As a new type of auxiliary medical device in modern hospital, electric surgical bed is attracting more and more attention

The single and all-electric intelligent operation mode reflects the updating and upgrading of hospital medical technology and the frontier of high and new technology

Intelligent and accurate conversion of postural position can realize the postural transformation of patients with different postural injuries, and simple operation, remote control, and complete realization

The improvement of automatic and intelligent medical technology has become the representative product of modern hospital operating bed.

The operation function of the surgical bed generally includes the lifting of the bed surface, the left and right sides of the bed. The early surgical bed exercises were simple, manual, and pure

Rely on the hand of the medical staff, complex operation, lack of convenience and flexibility. At present, some places use hydraulic pedal drive. Along with the

With the development of electronic technology, the operating table of motor driven oil pump and the operating bed of motor full mechanical drive are gradually being used

The far infrared remote control with no electromagnetic interference is replaced by a direct current motor which drives the oil pump with position change and a computer-aided remote control without the interference of the control line.

In a word, the operation of the surgical bed tends to be more and more automatic and intelligent, so as to reduce the workload and operation complexity of the operator

It can be remotely controlled and meet the needs of surgery and other aspects.