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The Importance Of Surgical Beds In Medicine
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Surgical bed manufacturers: surgical bed equipment products in the daily medical activities have a very wide range of use and application, for equipment to charge

The understanding and understanding of subdivision is more concerned and valued by the vast number of medical personnel.

Electric surgical bed is one of the basic medical instruments used in surgical treatment

Said mainly divided into: portable operating bed, manual hydraulic transmission operating bed and electric operating bed. A portable surgical bed is usually made of thin steel plates, sections, or other materials

Material manufacturing, mainly by bed frame and bed surface 2 parts.

The structure of operation bed manufacturer is simple and portable, suitable for general diagnosis and treatment, examination and other surgical operation, can fold or disassemble when not used, convenient

Loading and transportation can be carried out in the simple operating room, tent, surgical capsule and civil room. It is also suitable for other special occasions, such as field battles and fields

Portable multifunctional medical treatment bed for external treatment. Compared with the traditional surgical bed, its main features are foldable, small size, light weight, and so on.

Easy to carry.

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