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What Are The Main Aspects Of The Clinical Application Of Electric Surgical Beds
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The electric comprehensive operating table can meet the operation requirements of various body positions, such as hospital general surgery, orthopedic surgery, electric surgery bed brain surgery, ectopic surgery, gynecology, etc.

Provide the most economical and applicable operating table, the appearance synthesizes the Oriental body shape, the esthetic sense, the operation each body position request and so on the design, took into account the stability of the operating table

Qualitative, applicable and beautiful.

The main material consists of high strength cast iron and alloy. The outer cover of the pedestal column and base is made of high quality non-embroidered steel

Dust and liquid infiltration, corrosion resistance, durability and other characteristics.

The mattress is made of high density foam, which is comfortable, anti - corrosion, anti - fouling, anti - static, easy to clean and anti - infiltration of blood and water. The attachment material

Made of high density foam and non-embroidered steel, it is durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Excellent technology manufacture, adopt all - import mobile wheel and lock technology, add square base design, make operating table hold reliable stability concurrently

And ease of movement. The bed is made up of head, chest (intelligent), back, waist, hips and legs

The X-ray film is made of composite material.

The remote control adopts imported components and has intelligent, safe and stable performance. It is specially equipped with anti-misoperation function, such as all the movement of the mesa

Press two buttons at the same time, one for function and one for body position, to reduce unnecessary exceptions during surgery.

The bed surface can rotate horizontally from 0 to 180 degrees, which not only provides the doctor with excellent footstep space, but also facilitates the shooting at any Angle during the operation.

If the operation table with translational function is selected, it can move 300mm vertically and horizontally, so that the c-arm and image examination can be overridden without moving the patient

Cover the patient's whole body.

The lifting range of the mesa can reach 400mm, and the height of the surgical bed can be adjusted according to different physical conditions of doctors and different surgical positions.