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What Is The Adjustment Action Of Gynecology Operation Bed Accomplished
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Gynaecological operating table is a necessary auxiliary medical device for gynecology and obstetrics of all kinds of medical institutions

It is not easy to operate by mechanical manpower, and it will increase the labor intensity of medical staff.

Patient comfort is also affected. For a small gynecological operating table, by the design of its drive and control system, using hydraulic pressure

The system and PLC control system make its operation more convenient and intelligent. Optimize operating room working flow according to problems and improve working efficiency. Methods using

The techniques and methods of business process reengineering are not reasonable for the original first operation to start on time and the operation interval is too long

The process is reformed and optimized. Results the number of operations per day and the number of operations per day after the reconstruction were greater than that before the reconstruction

Centrality (t=2.317, 2.420,P<0.05). Conclusion the application of business process reengineering in operating room is beneficial to improve operating room working efficiency

An important method to realize the effective utilization and cost minimization of resources. Objective to explore the feasibility of lengthening the operation time of operating table in operating room of grade 10,000 or above.

A new time standard of sterile operating table in line with operating room cleanliness classification was proposed. Methods plate exposure method and object surface application method were used respectively

The sampling time of the air microorganism test and the surface microorganism test of the object on the sterile operating table in the hospital's ten thousand grade clean operating room is 0, 5 and 6

, 7, 8h, immediately after sampling, the bacteria were sent to culture and the pollution rate at each time point was calculated. Results the sterile operating table was prepared in the ten thousand level clean operating room

Keep sterile for a long time. Currently, there are three types of operating beds in the world: hand-operated, hydraulic and electric. The electric surgical bed is

It's more advanced. We haven't produced it before.