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What's The New Product For The Old Surgical Bed
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Objective to develop a multifunctional animal surgical bed based on the old medical surgical bed. Methods the multi-functional animal surgical bed was supported by the bed surface and bed surface

Part, bed surface support and base connection part and base part. The animal body, head and limbs are protected in the operating bed.

Designed the automatic extension and contraction of the human step board, the surgical board has left and right, backwards and forwards tilt working procedures. Results the cardiac surgery department of our hospital is here

7 cases of goat left heart auxiliary devices were implanted into animals on the operating bed. The operation was convenient for surgeons and anesthesiologists, and the evaluation was good. conclusion

The multi-functional animal surgical bed transformed and renovated from the old surgical bed is more professional, stable, convenient and safe

In addition, the efficiency of animal heart surgery experiment was improved and the labor intensity of surgeon was reduced. The traditional abortion bed is

The old-style delivery bed is divided into two types: saddle foot or no-saddle foot. The structure is simple, and the legs and body are easy to change position due to discomfort

Bins collect medical waste. The traditional artificial abortion operation bed does not have the body position fixed device, encounter sober subject does not cooperate or general anesthesia awakens period to appear

On the basis of the introduction of the classification and working principle of the electric surgical bed, the structural function and technical index of the bed are described.

Combined with the domestic and foreign electric surgical bed manufacturers and the use of electric surgical bed in China, the current situation of its use was analyzed, according to the hospital use

The corresponding management and maintenance methods are put forward based on the previous experience. This paper introduces some multifunctional and specialized electric surgical beds and points out the separated type electricity

The surgical bed system will be the future development direction of the surgical bed.

Self-designed treadle type washing disinfectant operating bed, its structure includes bed frame, surgical bed board and cleaning disinfectant device. Easy to operate and fast

Rapid, time-saving, energy saving, reduce hospital infection, timely rescue and other advantages, through clinical use, satisfactory results, reduce the workload of nursing staff, increased

Quality of nursing work.