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Why Is The Construction Requirement Of Sterilization Supply Room Of Surgical Bed Reasonable
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Strengthen the monitoring of sterile products to prevent nosocomial infection. Methods: to monitor the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and aseptic items. Results: the

The quality of disinfection products and safe clinical use to prevent nosocomial infection. Conclusion: strict rules and regulations.

Reasonable layout and working procedures ensure medical safety and early recovery of patients and avoid nosocomial infection. The sterilization supply room is omnidirectional

The hospital provides a variety of sterile medical equipment, dressings and other sterile items of important departments. The quality of work in the supply room reacts with hospital infection and heat source Occurrence and harm of particulates are closely related, which directly affects the effect of medical treatment and nursing quality, and even the life and safety of patients. The core of the supply room work is To ensure the quality of sterile products is an important link to reduce hospital infection, prevent heat source reaction and control hospital infection. Disinfection supply room built

Reasonable construction requirements, standard internal layout, good lighting and ventilation, complete sterilization equipment, and a set of perfect sterilization quality monitoring system to ensure all types of extinction

Objective to explore the feasibility of extending the operation time of surgical bed in operating rooms above ten thousand grade, and to propose a new type of asepsis that is in line with the clean grade of operating rooms

Operating table time standard. Methods air microorganism was carried out in ten thousand grade clean operating rooms of the hospital by plate exposure method and object surface application method respectively

The sampling time of microorganism detection on the surface of the object on the test and sterile operation table is 5, 6, 7 and 8 hours immediately after the opening of the platform, and the bacteria will be sent immediately after the sampling

Culture and calculate the pollution rate at each time point. Results the sterile operating table prepared in the ten thousand grade clean operating room can keep the sterile state for a long time.

The pollution rates at each time point were 0, 0, 1.19%, 1.19% and 0.85%, respectively. Conclusion in today's ten thousand level clean operating room

Under the conditions of >, the newly installed sterile operating table can remain sterile for a long time even after >4 h.